This Summer at Charles & Keith"

Friday, May 09, 2014

Most people who know me, know my love for Charles & Keith. I have been a fan ever since I started my first job in 2009 as an intern. On my meager intern pay back then, I always managed to afford at least one new shoe a month from this brand. I love shoes, and Charles & Keith was my first real love when it comes to shoes – because I have tiny feet; and they carry size 3 (for some designs)! I sometimes also fit a size 4; but it is the super snug fit, quality and pretty designs that helped carry that love until now.

Of course, by now, I have already accumulated nice collection of various bags and shoes from Charles & Keith. I always make it a point to stop by a store to check for new collections. My boyfriend has been trained to automatically walk into the store if we ever do come across one. These are some of my favorite shoes and bags, captured on my Instagram.

About two-thirds of these shoes are from Charles & Keith.

I actually bought this pair in 2010, and have used them until January this year, when it finally dies on me. They were one of my favorite wedge pair. 

This is my favorite bag, a gift from my boyfriend when he got his first bonus from his current job. It's a favorite that I still use now because of it's amazing structure, and also because of the beautiful green color – I call it my money bag. :D

I don't usually wear purple shoes, but when I do, it's gotta have some gold innit.

This is what I call my corporate bag, very sturdy and I love the faux croc skin in beige. It's so large that I can throw in my notebook, my Kobo Mini and even my cardigan; along with all my other nonsense.

Bought this for CNY, because I was so in love with the teal color. Also because of the partly see-through and partly not compartments. I used it later on to collect my angpaos, to show-off the amount I've managed to collect to my married cousins. :p

Here I'm wearing my favorite Charles & Keith summer bag, in a pretty yellow and white hue; and my new favorite pair of wedge shoes in a very nice, neutral brown color.

Charles & Keith has been a very big part of my life, fashion-wise. And this summer, I am excited to present to you their 2014 Summer Collection.

They are designed for that young, preppy and polished look – in hues of blue, and also some very nice pastels. There are a lot of cut-outs and sling backs for the shoes, and very noticeably a lot of boat-shoe and low-heel designs as well. There are quite a few blocky wedges as well, which I really love! My favorites from this bunch here is the striped, chunky kitten heel with stripes and also the black, mint and cork combo at the bottom.

For the bags, there's a nice array of clutches, totes and bowling bags. Most of them are in hues of blues, blacks and whites. I don't know about you but I love all the bags from the last two rows. Very chic, casual and corporate. My ultimate favorite is the one and only orange bag at the end. Love! Can't wait to get my hands on this new summer collection!

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