L'Icona Ferragamo Launches In Seoul

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

In celebration of Salvatore Ferragamo's iconic Vara shoe's 35th Anniversary,  the L'Icona Ferragamo event was launched at the Beyond Museum in Seoul earlier this year.

L'Icona Ferragamo is an online project developed to rediscover the signature shoe, Vara and its ballet flat version, Varina. These shoes are available in a custom-made menu on the brand's website, allowing you to customize your own Vara or Varina shoes in grey flannel tweed or glass flower patent leather – in a wide array of colors. The one and only way to make a shoe special and yours alone.

As part of the project, Korean fashionistas (including some of the girls from of Girls' Generation) – who represent modern, iconic figures in the world of fashion, participated in the project in the portraits by Korean photographer SeiHon Cho, who captured them in their own choice of customized Vara or Varina, tailored to their specific personality and also reflecting their lifestyle. Have a look at the beautiful shots he took!

I made the shot of Ara Ko the biggest because I love her customized Vara shoe, 
in white patent and a cute navy blue bow.

On the night of the launch, inside the transformed space of the Beyond Museum, more than 600 guests gathered to celebrate the iconic Vara shoe's 35th Anniversary. Inside, giant lighting effects (inspired by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama's iconic-pop imagery) enthrall guests into the world of Salvatore Ferragamo.

An amazing performance by Italian flying dancer Giovanna Soletta, 
who arrived expressly from Italy to participate in the event. 

Just look at her, twirling herself, creating interesting colorful kaleidoscopes of shadows with the help of strategically placed lights.

There were also two master craftsmen who were flown in from the Florence workshop, and offered a fascinating live demonstration on the art of shoemaking. There is even a pop-up shop where guests can make immediate orders and purchases. Talk about express customization!

All sorts of materials – if only it was THAT easy to create shoes! I'd make a new one each day!

Doing his thing, in the midst of the flashing lights and twirling dancers and chatty guests. Not even fazed by it all. 

In another dedicated area, the new fragrance by Ferragamo, Signoria Eleganza, was presented to guests to experience a rich and velvety olfactive creation.

Michele Norsa (Chief Executive Officer of Salvatore Ferragamo Italia SPA), TaeYoun, SeoHyun, Tiffany and James Ferragamo (Salvatore Ferragamo Group Women’s Leather Product Director).

Want to order your own custom-made Vara or Varina shoes? You can do so right here!

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