Eat Your Fruits & Love Your Bod

Tuesday, June 03, 2014

In my long absence of any fitness-related posts (I mean, how much can one write about fitness anyways? I refuse to drawl on and on about hot-debatable topics that the forums always go on and on about. I refuse. So please just accept my motivational reminders about staying healthy) I have still managed to scrounge up yet another post about physical self-love. It's not great or some profound epiphany this time round, but it's good in a health-food-for-your-soul kinda way.

Fitness shouldn't be about aesthetics. It should be about getting better at what you like to do – be it a cardiovascular activity or lifting. Aesthetics are the bonus you get after keeping up the consistent work, because you deserve it. I'm going back to the happy & healthy body image post I wrote earlier this year – because sometimes we all need a little reminder on what our priorities are.

Aesthetics or not, looks shouldn't matter. It's YOU and what you do that matters.

Fitness aside, diet plays just as important role as working out. The best thing, and easiest, you can eat are fruits! Eat at least a type of fruit everyday. Having fruits as desserts after each meal is a pretty damn good habit.

Fruits are awesome because:

  • The sugars in fruits are natural and doesn't contribute to weight gain (perhaps only 0.009 grams per fruit, if you want to be super specific) plus they have such high water content!
  • Fruits have no fat either, except for avocado (which is God's gift to man, so we should enjoy it anyway). Use it for your hair and skin, or use it to accompany a delicious burrito.
  • Fruits are good for bowel movement with all that dietary fiber. Who wouldn't like to poop more frequently, am I right? (Gross, but true fact-of-life.)
  • Antioxidants. So much antioxidants in each juicy fruit.
  • Zero cholesterol, extremely low sodium and low in calories.
  • Have you tasted a rambutan? Or a longan? Those things are damn delicious.
  • They make great juices on their own without any added sugar. But I sometimes add a bit of soy milk for a good smoothie. You can even make flavored water!
  • You can overeat fruits and not worry about it. ;)

So have your fruits, and flaunt your curves!

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