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Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Last week, I was privileged to be invited to attend a preview of the Festive Menu, created specially for this Ramadan at Contango, in The Majestic Hotel Kuala Lumpur.

It is a culinary feast of classic Malay food selected from various regions of Malaysia. Most of them are Malaysian favorites, such as the Udang Galah Sambal (prawn sambal) from Perak and the very interesting Rendang Itik (duck rendang) from Negeri Sembilan.

So, as I sat down and smelled the massive feast of about 22 dishes and desserts (I counted), I eyed the main dishes that were displayed before us. These are the main eye-catchers, as they are very rich in flavor and consist of everything from seafood to poultry, bone soup and even savory sauces made from local fruits.

Out of the lot, I tried the Rendang Itik (duck rendang) which was so good, I greedily took three pieces. Then I had the Ayam Kerutuk, which is a chicken in sweet and spicy santan sauce. The Udang Galah Sambal Tempoyak was good, because I really love sambal and the prawns were huge and well-cooked. In the middle, there is the Singgang Tulang which is a bone soup (and a Terengganu special) made of the bones and a little bit of meat from the cow. It was rich and flavorful, like drinking beef stock, but much better.

I didn't have much space for the rest, but my boyfriend had them and he said the Opor Daging (beef) was good. Our table guests tried the rest and most reviews of 'yum' goes out to the Santan Durian.

Walking around, I headed to the appetizer table. Now, for Parisians, appetizers usually the petit fours – light and easy-going on the palate. That's not how we do it in Malaysia. Our appetizers are massively flavorful with fruit elements and savory sauce.

An array of appetizers. 

This is Kerabu Telur Dadar (scrambled egg kerabu), a Kelantanese specialty, which I loved a lot! 

The Kerabu Manga Muda (young mango kerabu) from Perlis.

My favorites from the lot were both the kerabu dishes. The Kerabu Telur Dadar was such a treat as it had lovely egg and chilli flavors with a nice dash of lime and onion to it. It was so very tasty. I also liked the mango kerabu as it reminded me a bit of my favorite Thai dish, som tam, and it has a very fresh flavor. Gotta love the ornamental carving on the mango as well!

Aside form these two, there was a Malaysian favorite, Tauhu Bakar Dengan Kuah Rojak (fried tofu with rojak sauce) and Botok-botok, a fish dish (ikan tenggiri to be exact) cooked in banana leaf and spices. Both are Johor specialties that are very popular.

Walking around, we also found a nice roasted lamb leg, served with beautiful grilled vegetables, and a very tasty mint sauce. This went very nicely with the nasi briyani served.

After a few rounds of scrumptious, rich helpings and sauce tasting, I decided to stop and have a look at the desserts. Now, local Malay desserts are not my strongest point of reference – as I have not had a lot of them despite being Malaysian-born (my western tastebuds are very picky) – so I took a bit of each to try.

The local favorite (and mine) Kuih Bahulu!

Puteri Mandi, from Terengganu.

Buah Melaka (the fruit of Melaka), a specialty from Melaka.

The desserts are just as good, especially my favorite Kuih Bahulu, a traditional dry cake, that melts in your mouth and taste like honey. It's quite a magical treat. Another favorite of mine is the Buah Melaka, which is a kuih covered in coconut flakes. As you bite into it, a nice spurt of liquid gula melaka (a very sweet, decadent sugary sauce from Melaka) oozes out and brings this dessert to a whole new level.

I was, much too full at this point to stomach more desserts, but it was such a treat! If you ever want to have a spread of local delicacies with your family and friends, Contango in the Majestic Hotel KL is the place to go! Happy Ramadan to all my Muslim readers!

Buffet spread at Contango: RM98++ per pax 
Festive Banquet Special : RM120++ per pax for a minimum booking of 30 persons & above. 
For information and for reservations: +603 – 2785 8000.

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