Joico Supports Crazy Hair With Crazy Colors

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

To have crazy hair with crazy colors – that makes you a trendsetter in today's society. Everywhere I go, I see heads with a million colors and in so many styles – from dip-dyes to highlights, to a full head of purple hair. Conservative reds and browns are so yesterday.

I, myself am no stranger to colored hair. Just a year ago, I had purple-blue dip-dyed hair which faded to a shocking pink color later on. I chopped it all off later on to go for some honey-blonde underlights. And now, I have green hair. It was an accident – that green color, but that's a story for another time. There are other bloggers I know who also donned that crazy-rainbow-colored hair trend.

My 'accidental' green hair. 

Blogger Hanie Hidayah's crazy rainbow hair.

There was a post I wrote about regarding the proper care (in my books), for dip-dyed hair. And now, in this post, I would like to highlight the amazing hair care range from Joico, that will give your tresses all the tender loving care that is very much needed, from all that peroxide that had ruined your hair's health. I've used Joico's K-Pak shampoo range before, pre-peroxide hair period, and I loved it!

The brand has since made vast improvements to the formulas, with its new Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex added to all ranges, for different hair needs. Here, I'm highlighting all the main products from their vast range – that is perfect for damaged or colored hair, or even both – which is perfect for my hair!

Joico's K-Pak! The best for dry, damaged and frizzy hair. It will strengthen and repair hair where necessary and of course, contains the new advanced complex that will gives your hair the much needed TLC. You'll find increased hair elasticity and also better moisture retention for smooth, sleek hair. Now you can flip your hair with confidence, like how they do in hair commercials.

Hence why it's called Color Endure. It is a deep hydration shampoo and conditioner, that is sulfate-free and contains color-locking complex that keeps your hair vibrantly shiny and bright for a longer time. It even comes with a UV protector to keep your hair safe from the sun's damage. Which is perfect, because then you get to frolic along the beach, under the sun and not worry about your hair being covered all the time!

Also,  I want to shed light onto these people, who are rarely acknowledged or known for the good work they have done (because they're always behind the scenes). These two below here are Joico's guest hair stylists, who are responsible for beautiful hair and style on the models.

On the left, is Cherry Petenbrink, who is member of Joico's Elite Color Competency. She is a former salon owner, a celebrity stylist and a Hollywood film color consultant. Did you know that Cherry was the color consultant for the first ever Hunger Games movie? She has since worked with many other celebrities from Nicole Kidman (in Stoker) to Scarlett Johanson (in Captain America) to even Tom Hanks (in Saving Mr Banks, oh how I love this movie!).

On the right we have Kim Judkins Bonadio. She is a traveling stylist with impeccable hairdressing skills and an infectious positive spirit. She travels frequently to Asia and Europe to gain inspiration and lives by the motto of "creation.. not duplication." Her cut, color and styling talents have been featured in international media such as Jessica Code, New Straits Times, Hair For You For Me, Malaysia & Singapore, Beauty And Hair Indonesia – just to name a few.

It's amazing how the 'hair' industry has evolved because like it or not, hair is called our crowning glory for a reason. It gives the first impression and it leaves a lasting one as well. May you all have lovely hair, with the TLC from Joico's amazing products.

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  1. Hanie has green hair now too, and personally, I prefer yours! ;)

    1. Thanks Agnes! But I guess Hanie's hair was intended to be green, so it's much stronger in color. Mine was an error (they made my hair too yellow) and used the green to tone it back down to the honey brown I wanted, as green fades to brown. Sigh.


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