H&M Loves Music Asia X Skull Candy

Thursday, July 03, 2014

Fresh on the racks this summer is the H&M Loves Music Asia Collection, by Divided. This collection launched with two distinctive themes – Dance Floor and Summer Party. With so many fun-filled music events in Malaysia, this collection can definitely cater to our rave-party needs.

Combining the hippest fashion and the hottest musical acts, H&M is proud to present the H&M Loves Music Asia Skull Candy Competition! It's a mouthful, but this competition entitles fans to win a Skull Candy headphone weekly, up till the end of July 2014!

Not only that, this competition features two international artistes and four new exclusive song releases each week. This hot summer playlist includes musical sensations of Go Chic, Ebony Bones, Pet Conspiracy, Nina Kraviz, Tokimonsta, Kidnap Kid, Dream Koala, Nosaj Thing, Lykke Li (one of my favorites!) and The Naked and Famous (I also love them!) – just to name a few. So stoked that my favorite artistes are part of this! :)

All you H&M music lovers are invited to visit hmlovesmusic.asia on your mobile devices or tablets. Remember, this site ONLY works on those platforms, not computers. You'll be able to create fun lookbooks using the H&M Loves Music collection. You can add and edit your collection as you go, this here is mine below!

In addition to this, you are also encouraged to explore the music mixer within the microsite which will enable you to DJ, create and submit your own mixes. Time to bring out the inner DJ in you! Create and submit, and each week, the most popular mixes will stand a chance to win Skull Candy headphones. What are they? They're headphones that have awesome design and quality, like the examples below. No harm trying right?

If you don't have an iPad or a smartphone, but want to participate, no worries. Head on down to the H&M store in Lot 10, there are iPad stations there for you to try out the micro site and music mixers – and you might just win. The stations will be there until the competition ends this 30th July.

Show your love for music and for H&M!

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