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Saturday, December 27, 2014

Back in my teens years, I had pretty bad skin. Black heads, oily skin, dry & flaky skin, freckles (still have these) and every teenager's nightmare, ACNE! I didn't have serious acne, thank goodness, but I had random zits all over. It was disgusting and really annoying, especially when I want to meet cute boys.

So my solution to cover up all the zits were foundation & concealer.

I have to say that was the worst idea ever! Powders and liquid foundation just clogs up your pores even more and makes your skin condition go from bad to worse. I have a good share of blemishes and breakouts in my teen life. Blame it on the hormones as well, but I think it was also due to my lack of knowledge on proper skincare. Thankfully for the current generation now, there are such great products like Benzac to help alleviate these problems.

I wished these products existed back then!

Using the right skincare range is important, and Benzac by Galderma proves suitable for all skin types, from sensitive to dry and oily variants. I tried and tested these three products – the Foaming Cleanser, Liquid Cleanser and Facial Scrub. These three differ in terms of texture, but works to provide the same acne-free results for all skin types.

A display of various textures of each product: From liquid gel, cream-like scrub and foam.

My absolute favorite of the lot is the Foaming Cleanser. The bottle dispenses the liquid in foam-form, which is great because you can just apply it directly onto your face, rub it in and rinse. It feels light but it does a heavy-duty job of getting the oil and grime off! My face feels impressively clean and moisturized after use.

The Liquid Cleanser has a much denser and stronger texture, which means that it works just as hard to remove impurities while still cleaning and retaining skin moisture. I didn't like the texture as much as the Foaming Cleanser, but my face does feel much cleaner (if that's even possible) with this product. I'd probably suggest this for those of you who use heavy and full makeup coverage on a daily basis.

Last but not least, the Facial Scrub. You only need it twice a week to scrub off dead skin cells of the surface, and to remove a majority of accumulated impurities. This my friends, is the key to maintaining radiant skin. Never skip your weekly scrub, you should keep the routine at the very least, once a week.

Each of the products here lather up pretty well. I actually did an experiement to show you the quality of the lather:

Okay well the foam clearly wins hands down because it is already foamy and the lather is quite a given. The liquid cleanser manages quite a good bit of lather also, even though it dissipates pretty quickly.

So now you know, if you need a quick fix for your zits – Benzac is here to aid you!

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