DIY: String & Peg Wall Decor

Friday, January 02, 2015

A new year equals new decoration! One of my resolutions was to get the room organized and decorated. This is my first step.

The older I get, the more anal I get about space organization and decorating. I'm turning into an auntie and I already know it! Damn.. Anyways, a few weekends ago, I decided to rifle through some old stuff and found a couple of photos and cherished mementos, and decided to do something with them – rather than to leave them lying in some old, dusty box.

I've always wanted to have those sort of pegs-on-a-line sort of decor like the ones you see in hipster cafes. So I decided to do a simple DIY, which is really so easy that a kindergartener can do it, to spruce up the room's empty walls a little. Come 2015, I am serious about getting in more furniture and organizing shit into their rightful places.


  • 1 Roll brown jute string (or any string you like)
  • 2 Wall hooks
  • 12 Wooden mini pegs 
  • Polaroids/mementos of your choice

I love the organic look and feel of brown jute strings, they bring extra life to white walls. Of course, any other colors would work as well, depending on your style. The best thing about pegs is that you don't have to keep things the same. If you have a lot of photos, you can always refresh by unpegging old photos and replacing them with new favorites. You don't even need to peg photos, you can peg postcards or flowers or even jewelry.

#1 You find a wall that has clean space.
This is my very messy side table (which I've already cleaned and organized since then), and a small space of clean wall that I have. As you can see, I have already placed the pegs where I want them to be. I am using plain white pegs with a strong sticky surface on the back from Daiso, which can hold up to 5kg of weight.

#2 You anchor and string your jute across.
Make a knot on the first hook, then string it across and loop it three times around the second hook. You can tie a knot to end there OR you can loop it and bring it back across to the first hook before you knot it. Some people may have larger walls – which means you can add more than two hooks and make a bigger, more dynamic criss-cross based on your liking.

#3 The fun part, you peg your photos and mementos with care.
Take care to keep the balance. These are, after all, just strings and they will pull with the weight and make your decor look lopsided if one side's heavier than the other.

I got some of my dried roses out for some air.

Found a small Chanel bag to keep everything anchored centrally. 

Simple, isn't it? Makes a small space look more personal. I might just remove them all one day and peg like all sorts of pressed/dried flowers. Or maybe postcards from every country I've been to. Perhaps even some of my art pieces. Have fun with this and show me your if you do attempt it!

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