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Thursday, January 08, 2015

I guess since 2014 is when my blogging is at its peak since its birth in 2008, a recap of its most popular posts should be called for. Though I have to admit that I haven't been focusing so much on my fitness posts this year as compared to 2012/13. Some of the posts with the most hits are my fitness posts (which I'm sure you'll find occasionally topping the Popular Recently widget in my sidebar). I think it was because those posts were planted and shared by so many, they just keep cropping up whenever people are looking for fitness reads.

Also, on a note of growing older (but not necessarily wiser), I have come to realize and improve on my writing quality here on the blog. No more 'rant' style of 2008, but instead, a more toned-down, thought-out way of expressing myself. You can still expect a few random exclamations here and there, but I want to focus on improving my writing skills, so I think it's for the best.

Another note to address, is of my art shop, a long-term project that has come to fruition. I have been working on art tirelessly from 2012, and still adding more things to the plate here. I want to thank those of you who have supported my art and for your purchase – which in turn contributes to the small tweaks and expenditures that goes into this blog, and my art blog/portfolio. Thank you! :)

And now, counting down the 10 most popular posts of 2014, starting from the bottom-up. You may click on the titles for a link-back to these popular posts.

#10 Bacon-Egg Cups
The one recipe out of the lot that I have made – made it to top 10. Only because it has bacon, the world's favorite food after chocolate. And eggs, the most versatile, cheap, simple and very delicious food stuff out there. You will never have breakfast the same way ever again.. ever!

#9 TANGS: The Fashion Social
Perhaps it was the success of the outfit I pulled together for Panda, or maybe it's because of the number of bloggers who are out getting votes for likes – I don't know. But this post has been consistently popular (you're welcome Tangs) throughout the months and I actually love some of the shots that were taken here. It was also a very, very fun day out for us all.

#8 The Alphabet Press: Sending Wishes The Old-Fashioned Way
Okay, I'm super glad this made to the top 10. Their letterpress cards are beautiful and there's just no other way to describe the wonderful way they have given life to an old craft. The founders sent me a beautiful thank you card after this post was published, and it is one of the best cards I've received. Honestly, this post (and them) deserve to be at the top.

#7 Detox With A Cuppa Tea
One of the nicest way to detox is by drinking tea – as TruDtox had proved. I loved their tea so much, I bought another box right after the sample they gave me were gone. And right after this post was out, they engaged me for a giveaway where all my loyal readers get to taste and see the effects of TruDtox. I personally prefer their TruDtox Thermo G series which I'm taking weekly now, but the regular one works just as fine.

#6 Unwind At The Urban Retreat Spa
I was invited to experience a Lymphatic Detox Massage at this spa, and I had one of the best spa experiences, ever. For 90 minutes, I was pampered and well taken care of and I was snoozing ever so soundly. The place is also very quiet and soothing, finishing with a very nice cup of ginger tea after. My experience was very detailed, which is why I think it got quite a lot of hits. Mmmm.. I think I'm gonna book myself another round there soon.

#5 Tips For Muay Thai Newbies
One of my fitness posts got high hits – cause it's all about muay thai! Well these are very basic tips, as I am a muay thai newbie myself. But I believe these tips are practical and useful for many who see it as a violent and scary sport – which it kind of is, but there is also a safety aspect to it which with good practice, makes it a fun sport. This can't beat the highest of all time ranking: a 2012 post on why men & women should do squats.

#4 Osaka, Japan: Travel & Tips
My blog is full of tips: Cause people always want to know things that they don't already know. Like when you speak of Japan, most people already know a little bit about the food and culture. What they really want to know are the nitty gritty details like: Is WiFi easy to find in Japan? Would I need an international adapter to charge my devices? Is there going to be  a lot of walking involved? Stuff like that. You can read it, it may just give you the heads up you need for your trip. (But also, there are links on my sidebar to all my Japan posts if you need a quick reference.)

#3 Drink To Health With Lifestyle Juicery
A sponsorship-for-health came along early this year, and I had the chance to try out a 6-day juice detox by Lifestyle Juicery. It is one of the most challenging lifestyle change to date. Juice-only for 6 days is not a fun thing for most people (not me either) but the benefits to your body is amazing! I don't want to give it away if you haven't read it, but it is an experience that I'd always remember, and maybe partake in once a year.

#2 What To Do In Melbourne, Brisbane & Gold Coast
Another travel post gets the fish. It is a rich compilation of the things I've done in these three states, and what you can probably get ideas to do too if you;re heading down under. This post was duly followed by another one along the lines of What To Eat.. It's quite an extensive list, worth checking out. There are theme parks involved as well! :)

#1 Bloggers Invade The New Klang Parade
For some reason, Klang Parade is utterly famous, so famous in fact that this post (which revealed the new look and shops inside the made-over mall) continued being on the Popular Recently widget every month, garnering thousands of hits. The organizers did an amazing job of the tour and games and coming up with contests for us (like how I wore it better than Chris Brown). It was ultimately a very fun day out, and yes, Klang Parade is explicitly popular on weekends.

And that concludes this year's most popular posts. There are others as well that are very amazing highlights to my year, but that I shall save for another post. Until then! :)

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