Wednesday, January 14, 2015

I've been searching high and low for inspiration to decorate (actually, more like redecorate) my home-slash-workspace, to include more plants. I need some greens to de-stress my stressed eyes from all those hours spent in front of the laptop. These are what I yielded. Aren't they gorgeous?

Now all I need is some time and effort to start selecting the right pieces. I'm thinking of making another batch of those repurposed dino plants that I made in 2013. My succulents from that DIY tutorial have lasted well until this day!

I have also developed this weird obsession with everything and anything marble – for the sake of the 'plantspiration' theme, green marble. Isn't this marble tray gorgeous? Perfect for storing knick-knacks or for placing my Magic Mouse and fountain pens. I think it adds a very nice touch to any space. It would also match this candle from H&M Home which features a gray-streaked marble design.

I told my boyfriend about the major decor plans I have for our space and he was like "you're crazy" and "everything you want is so expensive". However, I think I have managed to cut down a lot of the costs by opting for IKEA. 

I love IKEA because it's simple, clean and very well affordable. The only quip I have with going there are the massive amounts of people and strollers and kids – who have no sense of personal space! The last time we venture to IKEA to get my all-black work table, my boyfriend got his foot cut by some irresponsible trolley-pusher. He was bleeding all over the place and so many of the helpful IKEA staff came to his aid – it was all very dramatic. But yeah, IKEA in Malaysia is a hell hole on weekends. Strollers should be banned! What do babies know about furniture shopping? Okay, end of rant.

What are your inspirations for your space this 2015?

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