Jo Malone London: Scents In Wanderlust

Monday, January 12, 2015

I love candles, scents and beautiful packaging. In fact, I am a major sucker for beautiful packaging. You could call me the consummate consumer – I'd buy anything beautiful on impulse and leave it sitting in my room as a decor piece.

Candles are the one thing I have a lot of. From various brands, height, thickness and color (although my favorite ones are always white), I burn candles almost religiously. See, I even have a jarful of used matches from months of lighting candles (and my favorite Davidoff white-tipped matches.)

So, when I saw the new Jo Malone London Limited Edition Home Collection – I was immediately in love with the gorgeous packaging, those colors! These are all scents and colors inspired by the brand's Style Editor, Charlotte Stockdale's memories of faraway places. It is the ultimate scent package designed for those with wanderlust, as these are all perfect for bringing along on your travels.

Beautiful, no? The whole collection just spells WANDERLUST.

I was blown away by the design and clean lines, not to mention those gorgeous watercolors – IT IS ART. This limited edition collection comes in various scented forms like candles, diffusers, linen sprays, soaps and a box hedge square scent to give your clothes a fresh, subtle scent.

It is created and designed for those who travel frequently, and want to bring their favorite scents along with them on their journey. Like I mentioned, candles are one of my favorite things, and their Cardamom & Moroccan Rose Home Candle sounds extremely lovely.

If I have to pick another favorite out of the lot, it would probably be the Lime Basil & Mandarin Diffuser – a good alternative to candles if you're worried about burning the house down. The Night Jasmine & Oregano Linen Spray would make a great gift for moms, other than avid travellers. Or even any of your girl friends who have OCD for clean bed sheets (I know one girl who cleans her sheets weekly, when I only do mine once every 3 months).

This limited edition collection is now available at all Jo Malone London outlets nationwide.

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