Thursday, March 05, 2015

Some marble related inspiration for all, as I have been pretty in love with anything marble from a young age (expensive taste, my mom says). Absolutely loving that marble-Macbook-cover (which I'm searching high and low for) and those delicate marble trays for succulents. These are all white marble inspiration, and might probably work on an inverse black marble inspiration board the next time. I don't care what color or form – I love all things marble!

I've been looking for quite a few hacks for marble-on-a-budget as these babies do not come cheap, no matter what the form.These two I found, and they are pretty great hacks that save you A LOT of money – so marble-esque!

1) Marble Stationery by The Lovely Drawer
2) Marble Side Table by Style Me Pretty (similar to the image of the side table above)
3) Gold-Marbled Entryway Table by A Beautiful Mess

What inspired you today?

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  1. Hi Michelle, there are shops on Etsy selling marble macbook skins, that's where I got mine from!


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