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Thursday, April 30, 2015

For me, May is all about tranquility. Mostly because of the fact that I would be spending 9 blissful days in beautiful Bali, and also in Perth, Australia. This will mark my first travel of the year, and I could really use that well-needed beach getaway.

This month's calendar is credited to the quirky Jeremy Atherton Lin, whose works are uniquely quirky. Hailing from London, the persona above is actually a represent of two separate personalities – Jamie Atherton and Jeremy Lin. They run an online business creating cards, calendars and paper goods, and are a couple.

I selected this particular artwork of theirs to feature for my monthly calendar downloads, because of the tranquility and beautiful use of colors and layers. This artwork alone consists of all my favorite things – the ocean, mountains, mysterious mists, a lighthouse and colorful yachts & boats! It is the perfect tranquil holiday scene, the only thing missing is the beach and all its colorful umbrellas.

May your May be peaceful and wonderful – as sure as mine is going to be. :)

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