Jetlag is a Terrible Punishment to Pay

Friday, July 24, 2015

Hey everyone!

I've been away for a very, very long time (nearly 3 weeks?) and if you have been following my Instagram feed, you would have already seen much of what I have been up to – road tripping around Northern England, Scotland and Paris! It was fun, but the jetlag.. is not.

One and a half days later, I'm still feeling the ill-effects of the mashed up timezones – zombie hours, sleeplessness, daytime dazeness and headaches. Long haul flights are definitely not for me, and this is probably my first, and longest one. I cannot imagine heading into the US (which I have never been to before) which is even longer, even with transit.

Anyway, allow me some time to get my head back into the right zone before attempting to craft a proper travel post (well.. posts, actually) and go through the excruciatingly tedious task of editing the thousands of photos I've taken. I tried not to be too trigger happy, but I still ended up with quite a bunch of photos that need some sifting through.

If you missed out on my Instagram updates, you can view them below or on your phone, using the #coquettishmishtravels hashtag to track all of them.

There're actually more photos to view, but unfortunately, this web-widget has limits, so Instagram would be ideal! Until then, watch this space for updates. ;)

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