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Friday, October 09, 2009

Very very outdated photos from Grandma + Mommy's birthday celebration at The Ming Room.

I've been busy, and editing images takes a long time okay!
But i've finally finished, though i left out about a gazillion images.

It's mostly food, but honestly, the food is that good.
It's not something you find in your everyday chinese restaurant.

Warning: If you're feeling hungry at the moment, i would advice against scrolling any further downwards.
But you're going to anyways, aren't you?
You have been forewarned.

My fave dish of the night was the first to be served. :)
Baby octopus is my absolute fave, and the abalone tasted so good!
The shot glass contains a sort of salty-sour soup which goes very nicely with the abalone.
Yums! This i rate 5 Stars!

I'm so greedy, I had to have two octopuses while everyone else had only one.
Kidding, my sister didn't want hers. She doesn't know what she's missing out on. XD

Their shark fin was good too.
Not the usual 'pirated' shark fin, but you can taste the difference in originality.
Of course, I rather have the 'pirated' ones, as I support "saving the sharks".
But this was once, and it's too good to resist.
One bowl was satisfaction to my stomach. 4.5 Stars!

Joshua had to have his Ben Ten watch's photo taken.
I don't get why kids enjoy Ben Ten so much.
I rather watch Spongebob Squarepants. :D

The usual that is served in every chinese restaurant.
It's a big hit with everyone though, had to turn the flash on to snap it in case it disappears.
Even with flash, I managed to catch some greedy fella's chopsticks. Tsk tsk.
It's good, but not until the point where it's amazing. 4 Stars.

Another common dish.
But I super love codfish, apart from salmon, and this one is really delicious.
Just the right flavor & enough saltiness. 4 Stars. :D

I was so skeptical about this dish at first.
It looks real pretty, but then I can't tell what it is.
The sauce looks like those gooey cheese sauce you get when you order KFC wedges.
However, it's actually pumpkin sauce. Im not a fan of pumpkin, but it tasted fine.
I honestly did not taste the pumpkin at all. The fried scallop was good, but too greasy.
It's a mysterious & sexy dish. I rate it 4.2 Stars.


My cousins has some performance thingy going on, so I was free to go about snapping photos.
This here is Daddy & his mommy, my grandma.

Noodles are good, especially homemade ones.
I didnt fancy the prawn, Ive tasted nicer ones like the buttered tiger prawns, yums.
This was just average, but it tasted above average. The chef must be real good.
I rate this 3.5 Stars.

Dessert! Sea coconut jelly, it's a first for me.
Sweet & tasty, like eating Jell-Os minus the sugar & coloring.
This beats those iced longan or lychee desserts. 4.8 Stars!

And finally, the birthday cake. This was Mom's cake.
Grandma's cake was the Tiramisu one, which by then I was too distracted to take anymore photos.

Now that we have had our fill of food for the night, let's see who was the camwhores of the night.

The real monkey boy is Melvin, he performed a Michael Jackson moonwalk & dance to 'Beat It' for my grandmother. Lolx.
And Joshua is his sidekick.

Photo of the night:

Monkey boy Melvin says, Boo.


p/s: Im not one of those bloggers who blog alot about food, but rating food was damn fun. Hence i am adding the category 'food related' to this blog. Might add my customized recipes for baguettes & such later on since I only have a brief one on that on Twitter.
Stay tuned! :D

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