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Thursday, September 29, 2011

I came across this art tutorial just the other day and I really wished I knew who came up with it (there are japanese instructions so it's obviously by a japanese person) because it was the most helpful & yet simple tutorial ever. There are only ever three things I've struggled with when it comes to drawing - hands, nose and gems. (though I've improved quite a lot for noses)

This tutorial was for gems. They're easy to draw, but really difficult to color because of their many facets and shine. You just don't know where to begin because there is just so much to it; shading, shadows, facets, highlights, midtones and all that jazz. But this step-by-step tutorial makes it look so easy! Enjoy!

There's a tutorial for 6 of these stones. All but the round-ish one.

These images are pretty large so just click on them for a larger view. :)

Tanzanite: this one's my favorite of the lot.

Quartz: one of my favorite stones, I'm wearing an uncut clear quartz around my neck.

Red ruby: or as some may call it, the pigeon blood rock.

Amethyst: the healing stone.

Onyx: the black stone that wards off bad energies.

Purple Tourmaline: I love just how sparkly it is. :)

These were done in digital brush strokes, but the same technique applies to traditional media too. :)

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  1. Can you translate this tutorials from japanese to english? 
    It would be very useful if you translate even one of them

  2. I can't translate them, they're all in Japanese kanji characters which is nearly impossible to translate unless you have a bit of knowledge on the language, which I don't. Sorry!

  3. HEre is the artist so you can properly credit them :3



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