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Thursday, September 22, 2011

You know, ever since I've got my first and second tattoo, I've noticed that I have garnered a new sort of reaction from people in my family, circle of friends and at work. Some are nonchalant, some judgmental, some felt distaste and some loved it.

I'm not the type to care about what others think of me, but it really bothers me when people I've befriended for a long time look at me and say "you've changed". Or when religious members look at me and shake their heads, like all hope is lost for me. I can say so much about how those reactions really irk me, but I shall digress.

I'm pretty sure that many others out there have felt what I've felt. It's so wrong that society cause people to conform and judge everyone who expresses themselves differently.

What I really want to stress on is that your ability to do things and your personality doesn't change because of tattoos. It's that hideous monster called society that has taught you to stereotype.

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