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Thursday, January 02, 2014

Hello readers, happy new year! :) I hope everyone had a fun start to the year. I know I did.
One of the best things about the new year is making some new changes, a refresh. Perhaps it's a new job, or a new pet – as for me, I'd go for something less drastic, like a new hair color.

Just as I was thinking of having my hair re-dyed, the lovely people at Redken decided to send me a set of their Color Extend Magnetics shampoo, conditioner and Radiant-10 treatment spray.

I was excited to try this, as my previous dye jobs had gotten me purple hair that faded to pink within a month, as shown in my 'care for dip-dyed hair' post. Most people don't know this, but using the right shampoo & conditioner affects the longevity of your hair color. That, and other factors like avoiding excessive styling and pool chlorine.

Recently, I made the decision to add honey blonde streaks to my tresses (this is done without any bleaching). I am pretty happy with the results, and I would do anything to maintain them the way they are.

So what makes Redken's Color Extend Magnetics range stand out from the rest?

The magnetics of course!
The products contain a special 'charge attract complex' or what are known as amino-ions that help attract the color molecules to the hair fibre, to lock & seal them in for longer-lasting color. The shampoo is also sulfate-free, so you need not worry about your hair drying out from those chemicals. (read more about sulfate-free shampoos here)

But enough about the technical details, it's the tried & tested experience that really matters. At this point, I've already been using the range for 2 weeks, washing every 2 days in between (I don't wash my hair everyday, I explained why here).

SCENT 9/10
First off, I love the smell of the shampoo. It's subtle, not too overwhelming. The same goes for the conditioner, though I noted that the scent is more powerful. But my favorite part is when i towel-dry my hair and spray the Radiant-10 treatment all over my damp locks. It smells amazing! It has a delicious tinge of fruitiness that I really love.

The shampoo lathers well, you can get a decent amount of lather with just a quarter-sized dollop.

The conditioner leaves a nice and smooth feeling after washing, and hair stays soft throughout drying. After drying though, I would still recommend you use a serum or leave-in conditioner. I'm using Orofluido's argan oil, which I raved about here.

I would say that in the span of two weeks, my hair color has stayed on pretty well, and it didn't wash out with the shampoo. Using the Radiant-10 treatment spray after towel-drying my hair (about 3 spritzes on each side) has helped maintain its vibrancy. Although, I did notice the honey blonde color is slightly darker, but that could be just the usual hair dye transition.

Just spray it on for an immediate burst of juicy scent, and nourishment for colored hair!

I love the packaging. The range is a vibrant pink in color, and the bottles (both shampoo & conditioner) has ridges along the sides that makes it easier to handle in the shower, even if your hands are slippery. The bottle is made of a soft plastic material that allows you to squeeze the shampoo out without exerting yourself. Now that's what you call a pretty & functional design!

Would I use this product again?
YES! Definitely. I think I've found the perfect shampoo range for my color treated hair. And overall, I love the results and experience. Thanks, Redken! :)

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