"happy & healthy: body image for 2014"

Thursday, January 09, 2014

What is your new year's resolution before 2014 officially kickstarts (which I consider, is after CNY?Perhaps some of us with new year resolutions to 'lose weight' or 'go on a ridiculous diet' – should really consider changing that into 'getting in good terms with your body'. About three years ago, I wrote about loving and accepting yourself for who you are. Now, I want to remind you just how you should stay happy this year by being comfortable in your own skin.

Whatever shape you are, always remember to love your body and avoid any self-harm, or getting depressed over it. By self-harm I mean extreme dieting or any form of self-inflicted pain. It's not healthy and it will not do any good to your mental health either. After all, your body is your only vessel of existing in this world; so be sure to take good care of it.

By taking care of yourself and your body of course! It's always easier said than done, but I have a good way of reminding yourself to always do what's good for your body – it's called The Ferrari Theory.

And more importantly, what does a Ferrari have got to do with anyone's body image? Listen, I always believe that you should always regard yourself as an expensive, one-of-a-kind car (a custom Ferrari) and treat yourself like how you would treat your expensive Ferrari. Not by eating junk food/processed food items (learn what's bad for you) or sleeping late or even binging on alcohol. You wouldn't put low quality petrol into your car, would you?

Like any other car, and probably more than most, a Ferrari requires constant tuning and maintenance. So do YOU! Your body in constantly changing and everything your eat, drink or breathe affects you. Even the people and environment around affects you. Which is why you need to always be aware of what goes into you and what you're surrounded by. That way, you can subconsciously be more aware of what you're eating, breathing and drinking. You will be more alert to your body's needs and know what you need to do to keep it healthy. Doesn't matter if you are a different size from everyone else, just as long as you're healthy and happy in your own skin (VERY IMPORTANT).

If fitness is your concern, then start by planning your 'get healthy game plan.'
If learning to drink more water is a concern, make your own flavored water.
If avoiding extra calories this CNY is your concern, learn how to avoid em'.
What other concerns do you have?

"Love your body. Every fold, every curve, every hairy bit, every crack, and crevice. Do not allow society to tell you what your body 'should' look like. Do not fall into the trap of weighing your happiness on the pound. Your body is your home. It grows, it changes, it fluctuates, it carries the emotions of the day. Understand it is strong, it bends, it folds, it rolls, it brings life. Love your body in all of it’s beautiful glory."

Here's a photo of a tiger enjoying a roll in the snow. Have a happy new year ahead! :)

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