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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

My #100happydays challenge has been pretty colorful. As I'm posting this, I am in the 90th-something day of this challenge. You can follow me on Instagram for live updates, or you can just come back here to see the recap in various posts.

I'm quite sad that it's coming to a close, but I also know that it doesn't mean that my streak of happiness will end after the 100th day. I'm excited for it to end at the same time, because if I'm being perfectly honest, there are days where I missed because I forgot or because I didn't think of whipping out my phone during those moments. Some days have just too many good moments but I forgot to post them. But it doesn't matter, because my mind has already been programmed to appreciate all the good moments and say a silent thank you to the universe for all good things. :)

As usual, the recap for Days 1-50 here:
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DAY 11 – DAY 20
DAY 21 – DAY 30
DAY 31 – DAY 40
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DAY 51: Drinks with some of Panda's relatives, celebrating a marriage in the family.
DAY 52: Had a photoshoot at The Humble Pie, and the owner Eugene generously gave us some experimental brownies (off the menu) to try. Had some of his awesome banoffee pies after as well.
DAY 53: Had my nails done during the Loceryl event.
DAY 54: Was featured as Nuffnang's blogger of the week on their #NNfeaturefriday. :)
DAY 55: Found some old, unfinished acrylic cupcakes on mini 4" canvases. Need to get back to work!
DAY 56: Found the time or organize and arrange half of my stuff in the closet. Another half's in boxes.
DAY 57: Raya food tasting of the festive specials courtesy of The Majestic Hotel KL.
DAY 58: The first photo taken with my new camera. It's the Canon Powershot-N everyone has been asking me about.
DAY 59: Monthly cleaning of my precious Tiffany & Co goods. Which reminds me, it's also about time for my monthly re-watch of Breakfast At Tiffany's.
DAY 60: Attended a beautiful wedding in Hilton KL. :) Fun times.

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