The Attention Seeking Generation

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We are raised in the generation of internet, smart phones and selfies. And with each younger generation, breeds a new generation of attention seekers.

Especially in Malaysia, nothing happens without someone whipping out their phone to take a photo or a video. Traffic jams, photo. Fights on the KTM, video. Before heading to bed (in full make-up), selfie. Perhaps this would even move on to further extremes when say a tsunami comes; video first, run later. Or a building on fire? Video/photos first, call 911 later. A guy hitting a woman? Let's get a video and post it up on Facebook first, instead of helping her.

We all see many scenarios like this where people watch and record the incident, without lifting a finger to help. Like the CDM 25 case where Kiki was verbally abusing the old man and threatening him with her steering-lock. Many gathered but no one intervened or tried to help. Maybe the person who recorded the video thinks he's helping by posting up the video for the world to see? That's a pretty screwed up 'saintly act', don't you think?

Our future good Samaritans: "Don't worry, we'll post this up on social media, and perhaps you will get your justice."

I don't think many youngsters understand the urgency of 'taking action' before taking a photo/video. They have grown up with so much 'attention' from social media sites, that they cannot live a day without posting something to gain likes or receive comments. They like the feeling of being 'glorified' and it makes them feel acceptable. I know people who even post their relationship intimacies on Facebook, even to the extent of arguing with their partner openly (via status update) for all to see... and comment unnecessarily.

What's the point of doing that? Oh, for attention.

At times when I go out with a group, most of them are not actually having any fun because they're on their phones, LIKE ALL THE TIME. Doing what? Posting on Facebook/Instagram/Twitter/Foursquare on 'what a great time they're having on a wild night out'. *cue sarcastic laughter* Can't tell you how much it makes my blood boil at times.

Don't even get me started on those 'drunk' girls who have no self-control (or class) – who gets drunk for attention. Perhaps that's why we frequent bars and avoid clubs now.

I'm not writing this because I know a solution to this issue. I don't. I just feel like stating the obvious here. And feel grateful that I at least, know well enough the faults of this generation, and to not fall into it myself.

Any stories anyone has to share about your encounter with today's generation?

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