New Year, New Dreams & A New Look

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

A snapshot from Brighton Beach, Australia

I think the great thing about staying so close to an airport is this: That every night you hear at least 2 or 3 planes flying by, and with each loud, thundering moment; your dreams soar with the plane – flying to a mystical destination.

Some random thoughts I had as I was having my dinner and listening to the airplanes soaring above our rooftops. Most Malaysians might find that annoying (noise pollution, they call it), but I love the sound of soaring airplanes because they carry dreams of wanderlust along with them. I think I'm one of the very few people in my country, who wouldn't mind living next to an airport. :)

Don't know if you noticed, but I've just changed my blog's layout. It's got a cleaner look, a white navigational bar (a contrast to my previous black one) and a very useful slider to feature some of my latest posts. It took a lot of configuring, HTML wizardry, tweaking and even so... I'm still having some technical issues with the 'auto read more' feature which I can't turn off. Please bear with it for now until I get my fix for it from the support team. In the mean time, check out my new logo for the website, isn't it neat? I'm implementing them onto my name cards soon. :) A new year, a new look!

Did anyone else also get a new facelift for their blog? Do share!

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