Oxydrinks, Breakfast For Champs

Saturday, January 17, 2015

When I'm not cooking my healthy meals, I am constantly on the lookout for quality food stuff for consumption because there's not much time for cooking most days. For example, my lavish breakfast of grapes, half-boiled eggs, toast, lemon water and pressed juices – it takes quite a lot of time to prepare and then I'd end up with only 10 minutes to scarf down everything.

I may have found a solution in Oxydrinks, another Modbox surprise! It is a product that is 100% natural, made of a combination of 22 wholesome plant-based foods. Doesn't sound too filling, right? But it is, because this drink is massively dense in fiber.

You mix one sachet into a mug of hot water and voila, an instant meal. I know instant meals generally receive bad repo as they are usually quite unhealthy (that sodium content, ugh). Not Oxydrinks though, as they are sodium-free, trans-fat-free, cholesterol-free and contains no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

What they do have is a whole lot of nutrients combined from plant-food within the black, green, yellow, red and white color spectrum. You know how they say the more colors on your plate, the better, right?

So this is how I typically have breakfast on-the-go now (or when I oversleep). Hot water, mix mix mix (not very easy to mix, requires quite a lot of wrist-power) and one bowl of fruits. It's probably just me, but I feel like I need to munch on something to feel like I'm actually having a proper meal. So I often take something solid with my more 'liquid meals' – and today's accompaniment are blueberries. I love blueberries, second to strawberries. (Also, do you love my doggie mug? It's so cute, I use it for most of my hot beverages.)

Okay so, I bet you're wondering about the taste. Well, all I can say is, if you can withstand the taste and texture of plain oats (I really can't find any good relationship with oats), you can easily take this because it is better than oats, in my opinion. The taste reminds me of a cross between vegetarian instant noodles and Nestum oat drinks – except that it's neither salty nor sweet, with a mild bean-taste. It also has clear veggie bits that you can see, and the rest looks just like oats. The texture is much smoother though, so it isn't bad at all.

So, what are the benefits of Oxydrinks?

  • Easy and very fast to make.
  • Contains no additives, salt or trans-fat.
  • Helps reduce acidity in your body.
  • Low caloric count (bonus!)
  • In general, healthy and rice in fiber.
  • Gives good energy.
  • Keeps you full till the next meal.

Anything that's good for your health, comes from the tummy. So always be cautious and selective about what you put into it. Try Oxydrinks today, and let's toast to health!

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