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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting the right pre-workout is very essential, I realized. Because most of these products are made to be for men, with very strong concentrations. I thought I could go right along with the boys and take the same supplements, the strong ones. Boy, was I so very wrong.

Choosing the right supplement is crucial, but that's after a lot of trial and error. I've tried two of the best pre-workout supplements in the market, and here's my verdict.

AMINO ENERGY by Optimum Nutrition  V.S.  ASSAULT by Muscle Pharm

I bought the Orange Cooler flavor, and it tastes great! It can be a little sweet, but just add more water and you're good to go. It doesn't taste like artificial orange, which is a good plus. 

I bought the Blue Arctic Raspberry and it tasted really gross. Like medicine. I decided to give it another try and bought the Orange Mango flavor, which isn't as bad, but still pretty bad. Both of them tasted like medicine to me. My theory is that these were made to suit Westerners, as they have a different palate than us Asians. I just can't get around the flavor and how much it tastes like medicine. Too strong and sweet.

You feel an immediate buzz after drinking, but it doesn't last longer than 20 minutes. I take 4 scoops for my two-hour sessions (Body Combat & Body Pump) and it helps to the end of the workout, but it basically just helps slightly with my endurance during class.

You feel an immediate buzz right after drinking it, and I also get a tingly feeling in my hands (which is normal). The energy I get is pretty amazing and this is just from half a scoop. In the first hour mostly. The buzz is constant and doesn't die down until you're done and have stopped moving so much. 

The powder is very fine, so it mixes really well with cold water, which makes it a treat to drink. Mixes completely after about 10 seconds of shaking. Due to this fact however, you need to be sure to take extra care when transferring the powder into your bottle. They float easily and turns orange and sticky when it touches a wet surface. Extra care needed to avoid getting any moisture into the tub.

Doesn't mix well at all. Even after 30 seconds up to a minute of shaking, the annoying white powder particles are still very visibly unmixed. I already dislike the taste, and to swallow powder particles, that's just downright nasty.

It can leave me a little dehydrated and drained, but nothing too major. It contains caffeine derived from green tea extract, so the effect wears off after my workout and I am able to sleep well, despite taking this in the late evening and working out till night.

Right after your workout, you crash real bad. It's like taking a lot of sugar for energy, and then you just crash. Because I work out in the late evening, I usually finish my workouts by 9pm, and having to drive home while feeling this drained is really dangerous. But by the time I get into bed, I'm so tired but my brain and muscles are still very buzzed. Which will only allow me to fall asleep by 3am. I'm guessing this is the effects of the caffeine used in the formula, which is purely coffee-caffeine.

The tub of 30 servings cost me RM90, which is approx RM3 per serving. I use about 4 scoops per workout day, that's already RM12 per day. So realistically, this meager tub could only last me for less than a month. Seeing that the formula is quite 'tame' with not much added benefits (other than BCAAs and amino acids), I think the value for money isn't that great.

The tub of 40 servings cost me RM115, which is approx RM2.90 per serving. Only needing 1 serving (half a scoop) per workout, it will cost me only RM2.90 per workout day. This could easily last me over a month.

Amino Energy: 38/50
Assault: 28/50

Despite Amino Energy costing me more money, but for the overall pros, I would choose to use this brand. The horrid taste, energy level crash and the inability to fall asleep at night from Assault just does not cut it out for me. I rather pay more for a supplement that isn't too harsh on my body. That would be my recommendation for girls, as men might be able to accommodate the intense amount of caffeine more easily.

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