Ferragamo's Wild, Wild Scarves

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Scarves are something I secretly collect but never use – because they're just to pretty to be used and the risk of them being ruined in the harsh weather conditions – I can't even... But collecting them just for the sake of looking at the pretty designs, it's like collecting art. Also, it doesn't take up as much space.

I am loving the new pre-fall collection from Salvatore Ferragamo that features beautiful, vibrant prints inspired by nature. It features mainly the cheetah, and also the zebra. Each come in three vibrant color choices.

For the flowers, it is inspired by peonies and baby's breath, and a few more flowers found in the wild – all in a wondrous bouquet of colors that complement one another. Another version shows a combination of animals and flowers on the design – see if you can spot the monkeys, toucan and birds of paradise. The cheetahs and tiger is very easily spotted.

The scarves are each 90 x 90cm in dimension, all the bigger to make the design pop! I reckon they would look good around the neck or knotted casually on your bag's handle.

These beauties are available in stores this Fall.

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