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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

I have owned a few H&M sports bras to know what it means to have both style & functionality. This Spring, the amazing designers in H&M have come up with a new line of sportswear that has expanded its sports section for ladies, men and even kids.

“Spring is about fresh possibilities at H&M Sport, whether you are mastering your favourite sport or trying something new. Layering is important for the best performance, whether it’s in the gym or out in the wilds.” – Petra Smeds, H&M Sport women’s designer.

In the new line, layering is the key. Fabrics are made breathable and functional, but still maintaining stylish details that keeps you looking great (despite being covered in sweat). I love the new gym bras in the collection – they are so colorful and vivid, they essentially scream spring with their bright prints and breezy material. The breathable mesh is one of the important details, to wick away sweat and keep air flowing through.

Running tops are another staple in the collection. with marathons being all the rage here in Malaysia, one can never have too many marathon-friendly gear. I love how they have included a small running rucksack to keep small things like money or ID during a run. There's also a really cool iPhone (or any smartphone) strap-on armband which are exorbitantly priced in 'professional running shops'. When it comes to H&M, quality at a reasonable price is always what we consumers look forward to. ;)

They also have an outdoor range, and we Malaysians most probably don't need them in the sweltering heat. However, if you are going overseas for marathons or any other sports events, they have a great range of outdoor gear – to keep you protected from the elements. The outerwear includes not only mesh details but also fleece to keep you warm and cosy as you work it. Wind and waterproof jackets are also an addition for the men, for those who loves nature's challenge. The outdoor pants are also equipped with utility pockets for extra functionality.

“Athleticism, strength and performance are the main inspirations for H&M Sport this spring, with pieces that work for the body no matter the level of skill. Functionality and technical details not only add an advantage, they also look great too.” – Jonas Blom, H&M Sport men’s designer.

For the kids, cute dance and ballet pieces are unique for the girls, whereas the boys get vivid prints on their beanies and zip-up jackets for their wild adventures outdoor.

The Spring 2015 collection from the H&M Sport range will be out in selected H&M stores worldwide by Jan 2, 2015! Keep a sharp eye out for these gorgeous gear!

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