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Monday, February 21, 2011

Always wanted radiant skin but nothing works? Always wanted to have smooth colored skin without annoying spots but can't escape the harsh sun from doing damages? (well, we do live in Malaysia after all)

Fret no more, I have something that is bound to make you leap with joy. Tried & tested, Estée Lauder's soon-to-be-launched Cyber White Brilliant Cells. It's a mouthful, but it works as its name says.

What does it do? It prevents your skin from suffering the below:
- Dehydration 
Hot weather, loss of water and face it, no one thinks about drinking water all the time.

- Uneven skin texture
Compare a tomato and a potato, which skin would you rather have? The tomato of course because it has a taut, even skin that reflects light and thus, radiant-looking. The potato? Not so hot when the surface is dull and uneven.

- Disorganized collagen
Big words in beauty lingo. In simple terms, skin that is aging and absorbs light instead of reflecting shimmers off your face. Collagen fibers in your face weaken with age, hence the lack of a shine.

- Poor microcirculation
We get very little blood circulating in our faces (especially Asian skin, according to research) which explains why we get too red when we drink wine. We can't afford that luxury all the time when we need rosy skin, especially when we need it on the go.

The solution?

I was invited to attend a Beauty Workshop with a few other bloggers and the Estée Lauder team really took care of us from breakfast, all the way till we say goodbye and parted ways. It wasn't just an afternoon of learning how to take care of your skin and doll yourself up, it was a learning experience and bonding with new friends.

We were educated on the causes of dull skin and were then taken on a step-by-step tutorial on how to remove our makeup (yes we had to actually REMOVE whatever makeup we had on. I was so worried I had to walk out with a naked face later on) and then we went on to proper cleansing techniques all the way to our sunscreen. Using the all-new CyberWhite Brilliant Cells range of course.

ONE THING I really have to comment on is the scent. I love it and I wished there was a perfume created with that scent. I learnt that it's actually created from accents of apple & juicy apricot, followed by a floral accord of iris, rose and muguet (lily of the valley) with slight bases of sandalwood, mosses and musk notes. I absolutely LOVE it, especially when rose & sandalwood are my favorite scents.

My skin felt gorgeously pampered (I swear) and we then moved on to my favorite part, the makeup.
I literally breathed a sigh of relief that I'm not exiting to The Gardens with a naked face.

All these amazing products by Estée Lauder were set down in front of me. *drools*
Imma sucker for pretty makeup stuff.

We were then taught on how to apply our foundation using a combo of foundation and the CyberWhite Brilliant Cells Essence. That is one amazing bottle of essence that works miracles for that dewy, gorgeous sheen to your skin. Retails at RM 350 for 30ml. It's worth it shugars. ;)

One of the professional makeup artists showing us a demonstration of using their new VIBRATING mascara. Yeap, it vibrates alright. As soon as you unscrew the cap, the vibration starts. Useful for an even coating minus the clumps and the hassle of separating your lashes. Beauty rocket science.

Some of the girls working on their haute makeup.

Imma sucker for big, puffy makeup brushes. I love kabukis and blush brushes best. :)
Me thinks I'm gonna get meself one of these babies soon.

So that was basically some of what went down that afternoon. We ladies were hot, dolled and ready to rock.

Myself with Joyce, the chief makeup artist and Jean, the amazing, uber friendly senior comms manager of Estée Lauder. 

The rest of the ladies. :)

Don't see this amazing product in the market yet? Well duh. It will be launched pretty soon, on the 25th of Feb. Save the date and bring out your month-end's paycheck. Your skin deserves this, trust me. Also, take note of what's going on after.

Join Estee Lauder for “A TIME TO BRIGHTEN” on February 26 from, 11am – 2pm at KLCC Centrecourt. Bring any whitening product from any brand to exchange for a CyberWhite Brilliant Cells deluxe-sized sample. Limited to the 1st 1,000 early birds.

Yeap, be there or be square.  ;)


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