"repurposed dino-plants"

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

I know it's been a while since I've posted anything about DIY. So, since I'm getting onto the bandwagon of being eco-friendly, here's something you can do: repurpose your old dinosaur toys. (or any other sort of animal toys)

Rubber dinosaur toys
Some small cactus or succulent plants
Spray paint
Small digging tools
Metal/plastic tongs (only if you're using spiky cactuses)

Have your dinosaurs and plants ready. Measure the diameter around the plant, and decide which plant you want in which dino. Use a sharpie to draw a rough shape on the dino, which you will need to cut.

With your blade, carefully cut around the line you drew, and while this toy may be hard rubber, you will find that once you make an initial cut, the process will be much easier. However, be careful and take extra caution when cutting around the thicker areas.

Once you're done cutting both your dinos, lay down some newspaper outside. I started by first spraying both my dinos white.

The trick here is to use quick-drying spray paint. Spray one thin coat and let it dry for 5 minutes. The continue with another coat. Coat the dinos until none of the existing color can be seen. This will be easier if you decide to use other colors, but I find that coating them with white first will allow the desired color to turn out more accurately.

Once the white paint has dried, it's time to add on a second color (of your choice). For mine, I'll be covering the dinos in gold, in a gradient. Therefore, I will be covering some parts with news paper, and spray the exposed areas gold.

Leave this to dry overnight.

The next day, you can start preparing to repot your plant into the dinos. Please make some drainage holes at the bottom for excess water to come through.

You start by pouring some soil into the dino, filling it up to the tail and any other empty crevices. Then, with a tong, gently use it to place your cactus into the opening. Use a small tool to shovel more soil around the cactus to ensure that it holds and supports the plant.

If in any case, if you make a mistake of cutting the opening too big like I did, use some pebbles to support the plant and hold it up. Brush off the excess dirt and voila! You have your dino-plant!

Place them in your home, place them in your garden, or even on your office desk. :)
I have both of mine sitting comfortable on my office desk at the moment. They're perfect because they don't need watering every day. :D

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