3 Tools For Conquering Thick Hair

Saturday, May 24, 2014

While having a mane of thick hair is a blessing, it is also a curse when it comes to hot weather and brushing. Frizz is one of them, and tangles are a never ending battle. I have always been battling frizzy hair, from my teenage years up until now. I tried straightening, hair relaxing, but these methods just make my hair look too flat.

Frizzy hair is awful, mainly cause of the tangles and dryness which causes split ends! Not to mention the hair dye that has totally dehydrated my tresses. Luckily I have already found the perfect shampoo for my dry, colored hair. The perfect shampoo alone cannot help naturally frizzy, thick hair.

Thankfully, all these woes can be put to rest with the right tools.

Just recently I got myself a small detangling brush from Sephora. It says small, but this is no travel-sized brush. It's the size of a regular brush, and it fits nicely in my hands.

Round-tipped bristles are great for head massages.

What's so great about it?
First of all, it's a detangling brush that works. It untangles your hair without damaging your hair because the bristles are firm but gentle. Second, the bristles are infused with tourmaline crystals that releases negative ions upon contact with hair. This reduces static in hair, keeping your hair sleek, smooth and under control without frizzing. Tourmaline is known to help retain moisture and smooth dry, damaged hair.

It's very nice to hold, it has one of those 'ergonomic' (what a mouthful!) handles which curves to your palms and has rubberized grips for better hold. It's white and shiny, looks somewhat like porcelain. Now, the bristles are round tipped, which means it will not hurt your scalp and would actually feels nice when massaged against it. Best of all, it is completely washable so you need not worry about damaging or loosening some glued parts.

But of course, not all hair can be tamed with just a brush. Another one of my secrets is argan oil. I have a small bottle of pure argan oil that was given to me, and this oil is what many consider the 'Holy Grail' of hair beauty. It's very thick, with a luminous gold glow. But argan oil in the raw, does not smell nice at all! I found that it can be used to soften skin, nourish hair and body. Albeit all its benefits, I really can't take the smell. So what I do with it, is to use it as a hair-mask.

Pure argan oil is usually sold in label-less bottles, as they are not manufactured in any way.

Before washing my hair, I take about 2-3 drops of the oil, and spread it through my entire head of hair. I leave for 30 minutes or more (overnight also works) before shampooing and conditioning as usual. It does make a difference in the softness of hair – and to think it's achievable without those added silicones in most hair shampoos. Au naturale indeed!

Blow-drying your hair can also cause frizz. I know, there is just no end to the torture of having lush, thick hair. I usually speed-up the blow drying by using Schwarzkopf's BC Oil Miracle Finishing Treatment. It's a bottle of magical goodness of botanical oils (it's a secret combination) that oozes thick drops of oil enough for my liking. I cannot tell you how irked I am with 'oils' that I've purchased from other brands that are just too thin and watery. This one though, is perfect and works as well as my other favorite argan oil brand which I raved about here.

Just one drop to be applied to ends of hair.

This BC Oil goes very nicely onto hair and evaporates fast, so it doesn't leave an oily residue. It speeds up your blow drying and it leaves hair feeling soft and pampered. Love that feeling and the way my hair looks after. :)

Dry and dull hair before applying the oil.

Super shiny, happy tresses after oil application.

So, there you have it, three must-have tools for effortless-looking hair. They are my everyday tools (except for the argan oil which is used for hair wash days), even when I don't wash my hair, the BC Oil is a must! Have any of you tried BC Oil before, and what're your thoughts on it? What about argan oil?

Healthy hair equals happy girl!

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