"getting down with chivalry"

Saturday, September 24, 2011

I don't consider myself a party animal, I'm not even drinking alcohol that much since I've decided to cut it out of my life (for fitness & health purposes) - but man, can Chivas throw a good party.

It's a party that celebrates the Chivas 18 Regal, alongside a fashion show & Chivas bottles fashioned by some of our local talents. This was all in tribute to the launch of Christian Lacroix's hand sewn bottle embroidery design for Chivas. Chic, classy & artsy - what a night.

The facade of the event venue held at ImageRom Studios.

One of my favorite bottle designs. 

The life-sized (about 7-8 ft tall) Christian Lacroix edition Chivas bottle, unveiling itself to the guests for the very first time, opening up for the fashion show.

Models take the stage in fashionable threads by our local fashion designers.

This reminded me a little of Lady Gaga.

When the fashion show ended, the models decided to help themselves to the Chivas 18.

It was an absolutely fashiontastic night. Living with chivalry alright!

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