Three Japanese Artisans Reinvents Cats

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

Cats are explicitly popular, no one can deny that. They are in fact, the most obsessed-over animals in Japan (wait, how about.. the world?). It's no wonder the Japanese are coming up with lots of creative ways to lionize cats into super cute and sometimes iconic symbols.

I have scoured the internet to find three talented artisans, from Japan, who have made cats into food (not actual cat meat), food art and even as a fashion statement. These are really cute and being a cat person myself, I'd probably spend all my bucks getting my hands on these things.

These are soooo cute and they look so delicious. Imagine putting one 'catmallow' into your hot choc, it's going to be too cute to eat! Created by the Yawahada Marshmallow Shop, these cute, edible cats are modelled after a cat named Hirokichi. They come in cute little paw versions, and also a whole cat. The marshmallows come with a vanilla coating and chocolate ears and paws, which are also flavors that are popular with the crowd.

You can even order these online from their shop, the prices are quite alright for such a cute creation. I think imma go get me some of these adorable paws. Not sure if my cats will approve, though.

I've seen this ridiculously strange-and-yet-cute artworks somewhere on Facebook. However, they are so unique and realistic that I've got to give this a feature. Created by Nekozushi, under a company named Tange & Nakimushi Peanuts, these kitties are sold as artworks and also printed on various items like calendars and postcards.

As pretty as they look, none of these are edible. In fact, nothing from the shop is edible. Just for the eyes to devour.

Cats peeking out of your shirt pockets are nothing new, but embroidered cats with realistic features? Amazing! This is the work of embroidery artist Hiroko Kubota, who had begun making clothes for her son as a hobby. She owns an Etsy shop which sells the shirts for a hefty price of $250-$300, but at the meantime, it seems that the response is too overwhelming and she can't get the shirts out fast enough. Nonetheless, this are really wonderful pieces and hopefully she can make more soon.

The Japanese are so damn creative, I'm pleasantly surprised each time I see a new creation coming from them. They're just amazing, what every creative mind out there aspires to be, I'm sure.

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