"this isn't imitation, it's implementation"

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Before all you nasty critics out there start harping about how I'm COPYING Sylvia Ji's work, please read what I have to say before you go trigger happy with your negativity.
I have my own style of drawing humans, granted, it's not as sexy as Sylvia's but I'm just implementing her style into my own. That's not exactly plagiarism, that's called creation. Please take a good look, make some good comparisons before you bash your words against my art.

Moving on, I used color pencils for this piece. It was a lil' too messy though and the pencils kept causing the paper fibers to lift and peel off. Hence the raw, white spots in the left eye.
I tried to salvage it though with watercolor pencils. The final result looked pretty solid.

My roses don't look like roses at all, they look like bloody carnations. Sighs. I was never good at drawing roses. :/ I love her hair though. And her lips.

My Sugar Skull lady.


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