"the beautiful world of handmade goods"

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I think handmade things are the most beautiful gift anyone can ever receive.
I for one love receiving handmade gifts that are whimsical & quirky - mostly something that has animal elements in it. :)

From relentlessly trolling around the internet for some source of inspiration, I found quite a few nicely crafted things which I really love. Now everyone will roughly know what to get me come August.

This is so cute! I wouldn't mind having 10 plates like these.

Hand-soap. Love how they come in all shapes & colors. 
I wonder if they come in all sorts of scents too - I bet they do.

Sonnovabeesting! - Tis the new word for the year.
Coolest pencils ever.

This is something I've always wanted. I think it looks better on a pillow than on a bag.

Cute stuff. I've only seen variations with dogs & cats, but not foxes. Loves.

Ooops. Nothing related but I just love this photo. :)

Have a good week ahead ya'll.


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